_jenny_j (_jenny_j) wrote in cuntedcreatures,

New Music

Hi Everyone!

I have posted two new feisty feminist folk songs on my MySpace account, one of which is all about ladyparts. Feel free to check it out, comments welcome.

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Although I am not a member of the community (yet), I stumbled across it while looking for feminist folk music communities. I added you as a friend on MySpace so that I would be able to download your stuff and share it with other like-minded folk; however, it won't seem to let me download. How else might I get my hands on some of your music?


July 14 2007, 23:56:03 UTC 10 years ago

I tried to change it on MySpace; not sure if it worked. If not, I can just email them to you, if you're interested.

And thank you for listening! You made my day!

MySpace, sadly, is still being a brat; however, my email is Improv.Pixie@gmail.com. I would be quite happy to get my hands on the tracks you have up!

You are most welcome; thank you.